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SDS Performance will be at PCIM Europe, from May 10th to 12th in Nuremberg in Germany.

PCIM Europe is one of the most leading events combining a user-oriented international conference and exhibition in the field of power electronics.

Come meet us at our booth n° 120 in the Hall 6.

High voltage power supplies designer and manufacturer

SDS Systems Development & Solutions designs and manufactures High Voltage Power Supplies from 100V to 25kV, with maximum power up to 100W, coupled with compact or ultra-compact size.

SDS develops the remote command & control boards incorporating RS232/RS485 serial interfaces or fitted with field bus adaptors to drive these devices from a distance.

The company manufactures in parallel larger modules that deliver rapid high voltage pulses, used in the range of applications where a voltage of several kV must be commutated in a very short time (a few nanoseconds).

SDS manufactures also high voltage power supplies for photons counting devices and has recently offered a new range of products dedicated to radiation protection and nuclear measurement based on gamma spectrometry.

The products are available in various forms such as miniature pcb-mountable modules, non instrumented blocks and bench-tops. SDS dedicates its technical know-how and experience to provide its clients with customised solutions. We either build high quality subsets in series that will be incorporated into electrical and electronic equipments, or we specially design and manufacture unique devices for your particular requirements.

If you would like to let us know your high voltage power supply needs, you can :

• Call us at +33(0)1-8423-1110 between 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. From Monday to Friday. Local time zone CEST=GMT+02:00 (Central Europe Daylight/Summer Time)

• Send to us an email at contact@sdshv.com

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