AC/DC bench-top high voltage power supply

HV LAB Series is a compact AC-DC bench-top high voltage power supply with adjustable output voltage.

The HV-LAB power supply series is equipped with 4.3” resistive touch LCD screen on the front panel. Associate with a rota- ting knob for instantaneous and precise adjustment of settings.

For remote operation, the device offers a USB-B and a SUBD9 connectors on the rear panel for voltage / current control and monitoring via USB serial (COM) and RS232 protocols.

Others communications buses can be implement on rear panel SUBD9 connector upon request (ex: CAN interface, RS485…).

KEY Features:

  • Bench top configurations
  • Wide range of outputs
  • Overload, short circuits and arc protections
  • Single positive or negative output
  • Current and / or voltage monitoring
  • Power: 0.1W to 6W


  • General high voltage
  • Bias supplies
  • Detectors (PMTs-APDs)
  • Lasers
  • Electrophoresis
  • Electrostatic chucks